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This area details major features and bug fixes, on a per-release basis.

InfiniteGraph thanks you for the great beta!

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the InfiniteGraph beta program that opened to the public earlier this year! We received a great amount of support, feedback and suggestions from the community. Last night we released InfiniteGraph 1.0 and numerous updates to the main website, including more information about the product and available license […]

InfiniteGraph 0.9 now available: 64-bit and weighted edges!

InfiniteGraph has just released a new set of 0.9 beta installers, which now includes support for 64-bit Linux and Windows platforms, along with another new feature: weighted edges!

InfiniteGraph Linux (32-bit) beta installer now available!

The Linux (32-bit) InfiniteGraph beta installer is now available in our download area! Register for beta to receive download instructions by email. Those already registered will receive the download link by email. Please send comments or suggestions on your experiences with InfiniteGraph, using our feedback form. And you’re encouraged to use the User Forums category of […]

New build 0.81 released today

At 9:50am Pacific, a new build (0.81) for the Windows 32-bit installer was released. This build includes updates related to MDP (multiple database placement). Registered beta program participants will receive the download link by email.

InfiniteGraph 0.8 Beta is now available for download!

The InfiniteGraph team is excited to announce the availability of the InfiniteGraph 0.8 beta installer and documentation. InfiniteGraph provides uniquely distributed capabilities and virtually unlimited scalability, and we are interested in getting your input on this first public beta release. To participate in the beta program and obtain more information, visit The InfiniteGraph team […]

InfiniteGraph Beta (0.8) is open to the public

We’ve opened our beta program to the public! It’s easy to join the community. Just click the “sign me up!” button on the right to get emails as we post more information. You can always follow us on Twitter @infinitegraph as well. Over the next several days, we’ll be preparing our installer and documentation for […]