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InfiniteGraph is the distributed, scalable, high-performance, NoSQL graph database.

GigaOm talks about InfiniteGraph and NOSQLTapes

Here’s another piece from GigaOm’s Derrick Harris, who is diving into NOSQL’s new and innovative solutions, from both a technology and business perspective. “The challenge for NoSQL members going forward — if they care to — will be to keep the community spirit strong as commercial interests grow even stronger. Given the relative immaturity of […]

GigaOm’s Derrick Harris Discusses Objectivity, InfiniteGraph and NOSQL

Here’s a good writeup from GigaOm, on the NOSQL landscape and Objectivity, Inc.’s graph database offering. “Much of the world still hasn’t caught onto graph databases and how they might be used, but the mania around social networking is changing that fast. Rather than merely inventorying data to serve an application or to or query […]

Q&A with InfiniteGraph and ODBMS.ORG

InfiniteGraph’s chief architect, Darren Wood, spoke with ODBMS.ORG editor Prof. Roberto V. Zicari last week, about the graph database and NOSQL landscape of technologies. “Although NoSQL has been broadly categorized as a collection of Graph, Document, Key-Value, and BigTable style data stores, it is really a collection of alternatives which are best defined by the […]

Matt Aslett, Senior Enterprise Software Analyst, The 451 Group, Showcases Objectivity, Inc.’s NOSQL Graph Database, InfiniteGraph.

Report Highlights Wider Demand for Analysis of Relationships and Connections in Complex Data Sets The 451 Group, a leading independent technology and industry analyst organization focused on innovations supporting the enterprise, has just released a new Market Insight report which highlights the market trends around large-scale graph data processing, and the growing enterprise needs in […]

InfiniteGraph Announces Release 1.1 with New Indexing Options and Improved Performance

New options and updates will significantly improve speed of applications developed on InfiniteGraph, the distributed graph database.

InfiniteGraph 1.1 released today with new indexing options and improved performance

InfiniteGraph 1.1, the distributed graph database, was released today with a new indexing framework that gives users greater performance on indexing, data ingest and lookups. The improvements will help developers more quickly develop and deploy with InfiniteGraph, to process larger graph datasets and collections. How much faster is this version? We’ve seen 100x faster performance […]

The NOSQL Tapes are here!

Tim Anglade has just released the video archives of interviews and NOSQL events we helped to sponsor over a 10 week period from October to December 2010. Here’s the website:

We’re at the Cloud Expo West in Santa Clara, CA.

Come see us in Booth 312 at Cloud Expo West, and hear Mark Maagdenberg’s talk Wednesday on distributed data management. We’ll also be at QConSF in San Francisco starting tomorrow and our chief architect Darren Wood is giving a presentation on distributed graphs.

About last night, A NOSQL Evening in Palo Alto

Last night’s meetup, “A NOSQL Evening in Palo Alto” was a great success, with lots of positive feedback from the audience and panelists. Tim Anglade managed to bring together one of the largest speaking panels of NOSQL project leads and technology innovators ever for an event like this. The format was simple: A round-table discussion […]

Archived Webinar: New Data Technologies, Graph Computing and Relationship Analytics in the Enterprise

The video recording and slide decks from our recent webinar, “New Data Technologies, Graph Computing and Relationship Analytics in the Enterprise“, are now available below. This webinar was held on October 7, 2010, and explores the world of emerging and alternative technologies that are powering the most advanced innovations of today and tomorrow. Presenters provided […]